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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kosuke's Kindness

Today I decided against wasting time travelling to Okinawa. Instead I jumped a local train bound for Uminonakamichi Park and met Kosuke Kaneko, a 22 year old guy living in Fukuoka. After showing him a confusing English map Kosuke said I was on the train for Kashii, which I confused for “kaisha” meaning company. Momentarily horrified, I attempted to dive bomb off the train but Kosuke pointed at the map until I realized there would be a transfer.

Once my heart rate settled and the train began moving I asked Kosuke if Uminonakamichi Park was interesting ... Surprisingly Kosuke had never been there. Luckily Kosuke had just finished a job interview and had some free time so we transfered to Uminonakamichi together, stopping briefly at a post-office so Kosuke could withdraw money. We wandered the desert peninsula in vain and soon realized we were lost in a construction zone deceiptfully mingled with parkland.

Somehow (after much fruitless
wandering) Kosuke and I exited through the gates of a deserted amusement park. By miracle we managed to find the marine harbor, which transfered us across the bay to an Italian-styled plaza where we decided against spending $10 each to climb Fukuoka tower. Instead Kosuke and I wandered towards Hakata's Ferris Wheel park and, having just discussed the deliciousness of icecream, Kosuke asked if I’d like a crepe. Of course!

But Kosuke paid for my crepe before I could even reach the purse strapped to my back. The ferris wheel (which Kosuke also paid for) forbade us from eating aboard so we finished our crepes and rode the wheel at sunset. As the wheel began to stop our conductor said “ki o tsukite!” (travel carefully) so, naturally, I stood up promptly and bumped my head on the roof. Kosuke tried not to laugh but it was pretty hilarious. At 10:00 PM Kosuke had to leave ... but not to bed. To work! Maichinngu! I didn’t know and felt really bad because Kosuke wouldn’t be sleeping that Wednesday. We rode the subway to Hakata Station where I bought two souviners (Jiji Music Box for me and Neko Bus ordament for Kosuke) from the Studio Ghibli shop so the awesome day could never be forgotten!


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