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Monday, August 13, 2007

O-Bon Holiday ... Sorta.

My lovely friend Sayaka saved me from the busy Japan train station on Saturday evening and returned me to her exceptionally lovely home where I was greeted by her courageous mother Naomi-chan and her somewhat shy-seeming father. Our friend Atsune arrived an hour later to visit with us before he left for his parents house, far away near Hokkaido, for O-bon (which is a yearly Japanese customary celebration to honor the departed).

Atsune was sweating buckets thanks to the ravenous heat. He once told me that he needed to drink a 2L bottle of water when he played badminton to replace the 2L of sweat he lost. After everyone cooled off and had adequately revelled in the awesomeness of Sayakas house, we played a few games of Senmusousomething ruther (Dynasty Warriors).

Atsune left. We ate dinner - delicious but epically proportioned as usual. Afterwards Sayaka, Miyuki and I relaxed while looking at pictures and discussing anime and animals. Sayaka knows about loads of old animations that I have never heard of. She showed me tons of wonderful books and her two favorite figuines below. Miyuki was the funny-looking hawk haired guy and I was the hostile dude with less impressive hair.

Next day Sayaka had school so I went to visit the grandmother with her family. We went to the graveyard to honor their grandfather, where everyone took turns lighting insence, washing the gravestone, and decorating it with flowers before giving a brief prayer. Afterwards, we returned by car and Miyuki was entirely enraptured by the handsome fellow driving the car (the dog, not the old man). The old man found our expressions of awe rather amusing so he rolled down the window and pursued our car until I captured an adequate picture on my camera.

We then ate lunch and parted ways at the station, with promises to meet again for Shabu-Shabu! Yum!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Japans Greatest Mystery ...?

In a country where the inhabitants are rarely caught not eating, where they package and repackage even the smallest piece of gum, I must ask why the garbage cans cant be a little bigger! It doesnt matter that the hamburgers are half the size of your palm if they come in ten different boxes and a plastic bag in case it rains. Bigger garbage cans please!

Sometimes the garbage cans are even non-existant, like in the train stations where food stands and vending machines are ample. Regardless of this fact, you dont see anyone littering. Maybe Japan simply has excellent janitors. In any case, I found myself carrying an empty can of coffee around all day until I got home because theres no garbage cans anywhere. Maybe Japanese people usually eat the cans when theyre done. I dont know. Its mysterious.

This week I went to Atami with my friend Tatsuya. Atami was an amazing little tourist town full of everything from palm trees to ramen - minus garbage cans of course. Tatsuyas father drove us to the top of the hill/mountain/thing but we couldnt see Mount Fuji because the fog was thicker than the packaging on a piece of japanese gum. I met Tatsuyas friends, we watched movies, and ate lots of food. Yay for ma-chan and rice pilaf!

After returning to Yokohama I went for dinner with Atsune, Degashi, Tatsuya, and their friend. I didnt take pictures - Curses! But it was an awesome time full of Melon Soda and food at Johnsons. Atsune and I went to Badminton practice afterward. I did not bad, but I did trip on the station staircase on the return home. I need to work on my gracefulness. Its embarrasing.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hisashiburi Japan!

Its been five days of craziness since I entered Japan ... and I still cant find the punctuation keys.

On July 30th I finally realized I was going to Japan ... the next day, no less! I began packing immediately. Stuffing everything within reaching distance into the largest bag I could find. After weighing the sumo suitcase, however, I realized the airplane staff would surely turn me away and therefore began re-packing with my utmost care in selecting those things which were most important to me; underwear ... books ... Playstation2 ... PSP .... games ... movies ... etc.

At 4am the following morning I was packed and ready to sleep for a good 48 hours. I took my 3 hours of precious sleep before waking up to shower. We then drove to the Edmonton airport, where mom casually discarded me at the front entrance with a formal unmotherly goodbye. Needless to say, I was in the waiting room within minutes and on the airplane before I knew it. I spent the flight cramming random japanese phrases into my head and hoping I wouldnt forget them - which obviously I did.

My excellent friend Atsune was kind enough to pick me up at the airport - I dont know how I would have commuted my baggage without him. He was naturally surprised to find out I had a PS2 in my carry-on bag, not a brick. We met my other friends Tatsuya, Yoko, and lovely as ever Saori at Yokohama Station and went to a cafe where I attempted to stay awake and speak japanese.

Next day, Atsune and Saori took me scavenger hunting for a pre-paid cellphone. You may be one of those persons who think that Japan is the land of incredible technology ... and you would be right. There is no place here for outdated pre-paid cellphone plans. Good luck finding one because it took me five days.

We spent the more enjoyable portion of the day reserving a place for hanabi (fireworks). Atsune marked our small patch of grass with a cute tarp, wrote his name on it with ductape, and placed a cooler on it. The bicycle nearby made a much better marker, however. After shopping some more, we returned to watch the fireworks with Donaldo Duck (See Below). Unlike Canada, these fireworks change colors, take shapes, and some are even multicolored. Every space around the lake was packed with people and when the fireworks ended, everyone headed for Yokohama Station - Daimyo Gioretsu!

Saori and I spent one day together just shopping and relaxing. Then on August 3rd I met Chinopan at the station. We went to Coldstone Creamery (my ultimate favorite dessert experience which secures any reasoning I have for not returning to Canada) and then rode the watercoaster at some kind of amusement park. As per usual, we exchanged countless hilarious stories, somewhere wherein I deduced that Chinopan was actually a chicken. We took the train back to his house and met Nami-chan, and the next day ate Okonomiyaki and teased Chinopan about being Chino-chicken instead of Chinonator.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My dog ate my Blogger Journal

Really an update! Can you believe it? My excuse -> I forgot my password. (Hey it's better than "my dog ate my Blogger Journal")

Life in Canada is the same old. May showers bring June snowstorms. Today the sun baked down so ravenously that we Eskimos were forced to give up our parkas. I even practiced riding the motorcycle for a total of 15 minutes today before my leather coat had melted into the skin layering my arm.

After returning from Japan, my life took a turn towards busier. Vince, my friend from Seattle, came over for the family boat trip which turned into something of a disaster. Firstly a duck smashed through our speed boat window on the drive to British Columbia. Once reparied, the engine would no longer work, and the boat had to be dragged behind the houseboat until repaired.

Belay there! This is why people aren't allowed to drive underage ... or under the influence. Just kidding. Our poor speed boat was swamped by a freak storm while we were beached for the night. Some other houseboat started blowing away in the wind, the boys and I ran over to save it, only to discover my dad marooned in our flooded speed boat upon returning. Oops ...

Bilge-sucking barnacle! Son of a biscuit eater! Scurvy landlubber! Toss him into the briny deep! Lance abandoned ship when the waters got too rough - yeah ... that person is a boy despite his lovely locks of hair.

Upon returning from British Columbia, my beautiful friend Star got married! She's so mature and wonderful here in this picture. However I'd rather be a girl and have fun forever~!

In October I landed myself the first job I kept longer than 3 days - a private investigator. That means I sneaky-sneak around with shoppers and watch for theft. When I see somebody steal, I arrest them! My favorite part is when the Police Officer comes! They're sooo cool! By the way I hate thieves so DON'T STEAL! It's way past uncool.

During this time my cute Japanese friend Saori came to Edmonton to live with me at our new condo. It was her birthday here. I look like trash but it's the only acceptable picture I could find.

Back to the future ... I quit my job and moved back into my parent's house which is a Class 5 natural disaster. While away, a tornado ripped through it, tossing cardboard boxes, juice stains, and bread crumbs everywhere. Now Zockorella determinedly cleans up on a daily basis, trying to recover stuff layered beneath scourge and grime, while planning her return trip to Japan. I'm looking for a job in Japan and also planning a pre-stop in Fiji. Booyah! Pina Colada's for me!

Meanwhile my lovely Latidoll finally arrived and I immediately dressed him up as Cloud <3.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Elves don't live in Japan

The one thing I really missed during my Japanese adventure was the huge amounts of personal space, cricket calls, and owl cries that make Canadian nights so mysterious. There's a different sort of magic in Japan; beautiful but not the same.

Anyway though life is busy I managed to pull off a Welcome Home party at my house. It was quite successful ... especially the eating icecream and karaoking parts. Here's a few pictures so nobody worries that I'm still stuck behind the Coldstone icecream counter!

My friends learning Tatsuya's pose. Me in about 50 layers of skirt.

Crazy Canadians! We're gonna take over the world ...!

Super D!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Hey everyone!

It's good to be back in Canada although I already miss the friends I left in Japan. Arriving in Seattle was an interesting e
xperience (as always) because Vincent's house burnt down and for once he wasn't joking. This led to Vincent forgetting about my arrival (thanks a lot!) and me having to find his mother's business number in the phone book. Luckily I only had to stay at Seattle's Youth Hostel for one night. It was nice there by the way ... and I found this wonderful icecream shop near Pike Place. (1lt = $3.88)

After Vince picked me up he bought Coldstone icecream,
hoping to appease my wrath, and it worked. Everything is big in Seattle: the people, the icecream, even the bathroom key! I took some pictures for Chinopan because three dollars in Japan buys you about a spoonful of icecream. It's ridiculous and one of the few things I don't miss. The second is being able to stretch my arms outward and not touch about ten different walls.

That's icecream Cathy (I love her) and the icecream key. Anyway good times, busy times. I'll start updating my Japan journal backlog A.S.AP!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Why not just miss the airplane?

Awoke at the sound of Tatsuya’s alarm and rushed to the train after his hair-make was complete. Tatsuya’s sister bought our tickets to Yokohama and presented me with a beautiful fan that was my salvation against sheer heat later in Seattle. While riding the train Tatsuya and I shared Nami-chan’s present (delicious sakura filled bread for breakfast!) then fell asleep while the train became congested with people who glared at us for taking a whole bench. We met Sayaka and Atsune at Tokyo station and talked about video games and manga because Atsune works at an internet cafe during the day.At the airport we searched for a crepe store in vain. Finally I relented at some random dessert shop where Tatsuya bought me a strawberry cheesecake crepe even though I had planned to pay for everyone. Why!?! He also gave me a cute Studio Ghibli music box. Afterward we talked alot and goodbyes took forever but I still got on the airplane with two minutes to spare!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Odaiba PuriKura!

After watching Tatsuya pose all the time I finally decided to invent my own. The gun pose became my trademark and you'll see it in alot of the photos. I think it turned out well ... don't you? But the guys can't pull it off so good haha!

This was edited in Photoshop where I added Musketeer hats because I ran out of time on the actual photo booth editor system. Yes, you're timed.

Yep! I love Tatsuya, Chinopan, and Sayaka very much <3!!!

Chinopan and I hung out earlier and talked about my friend Jenny, who absolutely refuses to dance even if it means global calamity (which Jenny would actually approve of). When forced, Jenny will raise her fingers and move them left to right. In this picture Chinopan and I are doing the "Jenny Dance".

<-- He looks like a model doesn't he? -_- Actually they all do.

Makiko chan!

MAKIKO is an adorable girl who could always make me laugh! When Tatsuya deflected our imaginary bullets, Makiko and I proceeded to aim rocket launchers at him instead. Makiko became so determined that she stumbled back on her high heels while mounting a second imaginary rocket launcher on her shoulder. It was really cute! Before I left for Canada Makiko gave me a beautiful star necklace. Thanks Makiko *-*! Love you!

I did Puri Kura with Makiko and Mio-chan once too! Check it out, we are the Japan Angelz~

Sayonara Party!

Tatsuya did beautiful Hair-make before rushing me to Atami Station. We spent a great amount of time and money getting to Odiba where we ate and did Pura Kura with Chinopan and Sayaka. While waiting for a zombie slaying game to end, Chinopan did an awesome TERMINATOR impression. He's my hero.

Then at night everyone played badminton together (except Tatsuya because his hair would get ruined). For dinner we met Makiko at Johnsons. Makiko was excited to see me again and bought fondue (which everyone ate while I wasn’t looking) and a cute double star necklace for me.
And somehow, after spending less than a week in Yokohama, I had fallen completely in love with these people. It was impossible to say goodbye and I couldn’t hold the tears back for anyone. Tatsuya managed to pry Makiko and I apart eventually. At Yokohama station I said farewell to Atsune, Chinopan, and Nami-chan ... which was even harder after spending two nights together. Tatsuya managed to pry me away before we could miss the last train to Atami.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Karaoke Night!

Today I met Tatsuya, Mio, Sayaka and her sister Miyuki at Yokohama Station. We ate lunch then spent 3 hours at Karaoke. Everyone had beautiful voices ... in fact Sayaka and Miyuki sung better than KAT-TUN (the original band)! Later we met Dennis at this weird crypt-themed restraunt and ate viking/buffet style. Tatsuya left early to get my luggage so we could return to his house in Atami shortly. We arrived at his house freezing cold and unable to find the house key, which was later spotted hanging inside the inner porch. Embarrassed but hardly showing it, Tatsuya rung the doorbell and waited for his mother to save us. We went into the family room and met Tatsuya’s father (who scared me at first) and his sister (super sweet). Within minutes I felt comfortable and welcome. I explained Tatsuya’s mistake and called him “Kawaii baka = cute idiot”. Both parents found this hilarious so it couldn't be far from the truth I suppose! (I like this picture cause I'm not in it and I looked terrible that day.)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sayaka & Miyuki!

SAYAKA is a girl of many talents! Not only can she sing better than KAT-TUN, but she's prettier than Jennifer Lopez and her English skill is amazing! She's also studying video games ... which is super cool! Hopefully we can work together someday ^_^.

And thanks for fighting your cold and taking me to the airport instead!

And MIYUKI also amazed me with her beautiful singing voice! She wrote me a goodbye letter, which I pasted into my Scrapbook because it was so cute! We share many interests so I'm sure we'll become awesome friends in the future! Even her favorite Final Fantasy 7 character was Aeris (just like me)!

Genie rocks your socks!

This morning I did Nami’s make up and gave her a becoming pink necklace. She looked gorgeous (like a model!) and returned the favor by lending me her cute yellow shirt and jean jacket. Thanks Nami-chan! I love you!

Then ... With my wallet screaming for mercy I headed for DisneySea alone (<-- everyone was busy dealing with work or school). This time my Disney adventure began correctly with the purchase of cheesy Minnie Mouse ears. The highlight of my day was sitting on Genie (best Disney character ever!) and eating tiramisu icecream.


(The later picture was taken after consuming Tiramisu icecream. Beware! May cause drunkeness and other abnormal side effects ... like making you look like Avril Lavinge ...)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Studio Ghibli

Yesterday ...

I missed the last train and took a taxi for $15 to Asakusa’s youth hostel, so I awoke slightly grouchy and deterred. Getting ready took me longer than planned and I arrived at Shinjuku late, but Atsune and Tatsuya spotted me immediately and within seconds were packed inside a Taxi driving for Studio Ghibli before our ticket entrance expired (fortunately Totoro didn't seem to care).

We ate at legendary Straw Hat Cafe and I paid because Tatsuya had already covered the taxis, while Atsune wouldn’t accept money for my Ghibli ticket. The sandwiches were so delicious that I punched the air after saying “Gotchisosama DESHITA!” Atsune laughed at my uncustomary strangeness!

These pictures were taken on the roof where I discovered this wonderful device with a shiny handle that I couldn't help but turn. A blast of water shot from the hole and rained down on Atsune, who valiantly attempted to stop it as Tatsuya was already running for cover. In the picture Tatsuya is posing (his specialty) and Atsune is drowning I think. Only Tatsuya can pose while drinking from unstable fountains I think.

We split up at Yokohama Station where I met Nami-chan and Kim, who kindly carried my luggage all the way up the evil hillside to Chinopan’s house. Nami put make up on Chinopan and Kim, then I gave them lollypops from Studio Ghibli. Nami and Kim were exhausted but Chino and I managed to play Ninja Turtles for a few hours. He likes Leo best.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Team Badminton

Today I woke up from the most lousy and cramped sleep ever but was pumped after watching the magical vending machine eject my cup and fill it with hot cocoa one last time. I dragged my luggage down one floor to Denny’s to use the toilet and eat pancakes that I swear looked bigger on the menu. After checking in at Asakusa’s youth hostel I emailed Chinopan and made arrangements to meet at Yokohama station that evening. We played badminton with Nami and friends!!!

This picture doesn't really do ATSUNE justice. He has these big gorgeous eyes and is totally the sweetest person ever. I love him! Atsune always wears purple and pink but (unlike American dudes) he looks awesome.

He works at an internet cafe and loves manga and anime. Cool guy!

DENNIS (at least that's what his shirt said) is absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately I can't remember his real name. Whenever we played badminton or ate food Dennis was there. That guy knows where to be. His poses also rock (obviously)! Miss ya!