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Friday, April 14, 2006

Hida Takayama Festival!

Festival day began with Vivian, Anne, Jennifer, Neil, and I trying to reach the staircase foundation before our toes froze to the icy floor. Once outside we hurried down the slope and watched the dancing puppet shows (with Neil providing hilarious commentary), followed the floats, ate delicious 50 cent apples, meat skewers, and then split up until evening. I chased the float parade while taking pictures; during which time some crazy local named Shuhae (shoe hay), who was spiffily attired but quite drunk, pointed at the shrine and said “That is God”!

My favorite picture and costume ^_^!

Happily heading toward the festivities!

Got sake?

Ancient Japanese puppet.

These mournful looking college kids were the only Japanese without tobacco and beer hidden inside their kimono sleeves.

The Big Kahuna!

Beautiful girl in Takayama.

Man-powered cart. If you're rich you can actually ride one!

Everyone helps at festival time!


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