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Friday, April 14, 2006

Canadian Comrades

Neil: Great guy from Calgary with a wonderful sense of humor and ample amounts of patience to boot. Neil was always relaxed, ready to go, and didn't mind being around a bunch of girls --- not that we were demanding or anything. Go us!

Jennifer: Cheerful and cute, Jen had hilarious stories to tell and always remained positive. Sounded like Jen had a tough job back in Calgary but that didn't deter her awesome attitude one bit. Yay Jen!

Vivian: I met Vivian while dragging my luggage up the hill toward the temple. Vivian loves to be around people but it was difficult for her to navigate Japan because everyone thought she was a local.

Anne: Down to earth girl with an adventurous heart. Like me, Anne was braving the land of Takayama on her own. Even still, Anne had lots of friends -- and for good reason! She was funny, interesting to talk to, and always offered a smile or kind words when needed.


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