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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Days

We started the second festival day off right by stampeding to the 50 cent apple stand. After taking a few pictures with the whole group we kinda dispersed until later on when Vivian and I chased the procession by winding the backstreets while wondering if the parade people were getting sick of seeing me at every turn. (Vi had the oriental look and blended in but I didn't).

I like kids.

Quite possibly the funniest dude in Japan (can't you tell?). I bought a $3 hida beef skewer from him just cause he was that awesome!

When rain fell the Takayama floats were hurried to their shelters. I ate obento lunch with Viv (complementary of Shuhei and his pal) then headed for Shin-Osaka slightly earlier than planned. Unpacked at Shin-Osaka’s awesome Youth Hostel and met Donat.


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