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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My dog ate my Blogger Journal

Really an update! Can you believe it? My excuse -> I forgot my password. (Hey it's better than "my dog ate my Blogger Journal")

Life in Canada is the same old. May showers bring June snowstorms. Today the sun baked down so ravenously that we Eskimos were forced to give up our parkas. I even practiced riding the motorcycle for a total of 15 minutes today before my leather coat had melted into the skin layering my arm.

After returning from Japan, my life took a turn towards busier. Vince, my friend from Seattle, came over for the family boat trip which turned into something of a disaster. Firstly a duck smashed through our speed boat window on the drive to British Columbia. Once reparied, the engine would no longer work, and the boat had to be dragged behind the houseboat until repaired.

Belay there! This is why people aren't allowed to drive underage ... or under the influence. Just kidding. Our poor speed boat was swamped by a freak storm while we were beached for the night. Some other houseboat started blowing away in the wind, the boys and I ran over to save it, only to discover my dad marooned in our flooded speed boat upon returning. Oops ...

Bilge-sucking barnacle! Son of a biscuit eater! Scurvy landlubber! Toss him into the briny deep! Lance abandoned ship when the waters got too rough - yeah ... that person is a boy despite his lovely locks of hair.

Upon returning from British Columbia, my beautiful friend Star got married! She's so mature and wonderful here in this picture. However I'd rather be a girl and have fun forever~!

In October I landed myself the first job I kept longer than 3 days - a private investigator. That means I sneaky-sneak around with shoppers and watch for theft. When I see somebody steal, I arrest them! My favorite part is when the Police Officer comes! They're sooo cool! By the way I hate thieves so DON'T STEAL! It's way past uncool.

During this time my cute Japanese friend Saori came to Edmonton to live with me at our new condo. It was her birthday here. I look like trash but it's the only acceptable picture I could find.

Back to the future ... I quit my job and moved back into my parent's house which is a Class 5 natural disaster. While away, a tornado ripped through it, tossing cardboard boxes, juice stains, and bread crumbs everywhere. Now Zockorella determinedly cleans up on a daily basis, trying to recover stuff layered beneath scourge and grime, while planning her return trip to Japan. I'm looking for a job in Japan and also planning a pre-stop in Fiji. Booyah! Pina Colada's for me!

Meanwhile my lovely Latidoll finally arrived and I immediately dressed him up as Cloud <3.


Blogger Phantom Sounds said...

Aeris fianlly updated! <3

You'll have to come to church sometime before you go back to Japan so Mel and I can see you again!

7:18 PM  

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