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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hisashiburi Japan!

Its been five days of craziness since I entered Japan ... and I still cant find the punctuation keys.

On July 30th I finally realized I was going to Japan ... the next day, no less! I began packing immediately. Stuffing everything within reaching distance into the largest bag I could find. After weighing the sumo suitcase, however, I realized the airplane staff would surely turn me away and therefore began re-packing with my utmost care in selecting those things which were most important to me; underwear ... books ... Playstation2 ... PSP .... games ... movies ... etc.

At 4am the following morning I was packed and ready to sleep for a good 48 hours. I took my 3 hours of precious sleep before waking up to shower. We then drove to the Edmonton airport, where mom casually discarded me at the front entrance with a formal unmotherly goodbye. Needless to say, I was in the waiting room within minutes and on the airplane before I knew it. I spent the flight cramming random japanese phrases into my head and hoping I wouldnt forget them - which obviously I did.

My excellent friend Atsune was kind enough to pick me up at the airport - I dont know how I would have commuted my baggage without him. He was naturally surprised to find out I had a PS2 in my carry-on bag, not a brick. We met my other friends Tatsuya, Yoko, and lovely as ever Saori at Yokohama Station and went to a cafe where I attempted to stay awake and speak japanese.

Next day, Atsune and Saori took me scavenger hunting for a pre-paid cellphone. You may be one of those persons who think that Japan is the land of incredible technology ... and you would be right. There is no place here for outdated pre-paid cellphone plans. Good luck finding one because it took me five days.

We spent the more enjoyable portion of the day reserving a place for hanabi (fireworks). Atsune marked our small patch of grass with a cute tarp, wrote his name on it with ductape, and placed a cooler on it. The bicycle nearby made a much better marker, however. After shopping some more, we returned to watch the fireworks with Donaldo Duck (See Below). Unlike Canada, these fireworks change colors, take shapes, and some are even multicolored. Every space around the lake was packed with people and when the fireworks ended, everyone headed for Yokohama Station - Daimyo Gioretsu!

Saori and I spent one day together just shopping and relaxing. Then on August 3rd I met Chinopan at the station. We went to Coldstone Creamery (my ultimate favorite dessert experience which secures any reasoning I have for not returning to Canada) and then rode the watercoaster at some kind of amusement park. As per usual, we exchanged countless hilarious stories, somewhere wherein I deduced that Chinopan was actually a chicken. We took the train back to his house and met Nami-chan, and the next day ate Okonomiyaki and teased Chinopan about being Chino-chicken instead of Chinonator.


Blogger Kevlar said...

Arr me matey! Looks like ye´ve scuppered yer way safely ta the land o the risin' sun!
Looks like yer headed fer adventure an' glory me heartie! So what shall ye be doin' while yer o'er the briney sea? I be greener than kelp with envy mate! Hold fast an' perhaps ye'll get a visit from an ol' shipmate someday! Keep yer eyes on the horizon, me bucko! Drink up ye scallywag, yo ho!

8:36 AM  

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