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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Explore Osaka!

Osaka is this AWESOME city where everyone always tries to make you laugh, dance, and be happy. It also has the number 1 youth hostel in Shin-Osaka. The locals were super helpful and spoke good English.

I also met Donat; a tall blonde blue-eyed guy from Switzerland. He must have been popular in Japan. Donat said the Kyoto Youth Hostel was terrible because he had to “sleep like banana”. Donat also hates octopus meatballs (takoyaki), which he had to stand in line for. I can't eat seafood so I was exempted from the horror. Donat's Japanese friend also recommended taking a picture of Dotonburi clown but there was no way he was wasting film on "stupid clown". So I took one for him. Other than that, Donat seemed to be enjoying himself.

And holy HORRORS OF HELL! My JR Rail Pass expired today.


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