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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Japans Greatest Mystery ...?

In a country where the inhabitants are rarely caught not eating, where they package and repackage even the smallest piece of gum, I must ask why the garbage cans cant be a little bigger! It doesnt matter that the hamburgers are half the size of your palm if they come in ten different boxes and a plastic bag in case it rains. Bigger garbage cans please!

Sometimes the garbage cans are even non-existant, like in the train stations where food stands and vending machines are ample. Regardless of this fact, you dont see anyone littering. Maybe Japan simply has excellent janitors. In any case, I found myself carrying an empty can of coffee around all day until I got home because theres no garbage cans anywhere. Maybe Japanese people usually eat the cans when theyre done. I dont know. Its mysterious.

This week I went to Atami with my friend Tatsuya. Atami was an amazing little tourist town full of everything from palm trees to ramen - minus garbage cans of course. Tatsuyas father drove us to the top of the hill/mountain/thing but we couldnt see Mount Fuji because the fog was thicker than the packaging on a piece of japanese gum. I met Tatsuyas friends, we watched movies, and ate lots of food. Yay for ma-chan and rice pilaf!

After returning to Yokohama I went for dinner with Atsune, Degashi, Tatsuya, and their friend. I didnt take pictures - Curses! But it was an awesome time full of Melon Soda and food at Johnsons. Atsune and I went to Badminton practice afterward. I did not bad, but I did trip on the station staircase on the return home. I need to work on my gracefulness. Its embarrasing.


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