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Monday, April 17, 2006

Hanami in Kyoto!

Yesterday I took a train to Kyoto again. I met Donat’s friend Walter who was headed to Yokohama for a wedding. After arriving at the station Tomo and Miki took me to Nijo Temple. The temple floor would squeak under every footstep – a safety measure implemented to keep the emperor safe from ninjas. We visited so many temples and gorgeous gardens that I can't remember the names ... but they were all awesome and if you go to Japan visit Kyoto (but make sure you have a guide cause otherwise you'll get lost)!

I met TOMOHIRO in Kanazawa when I was all dressed up Geisha-like actually. He love's chocolate and manga comics so we got along really well! His father, MIKI, was incredibly kind and treated us both days all the time! I wish my father was more like him *sniff*. Thanks guys ^-^ I had so much fun!


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