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Monday, August 13, 2007

O-Bon Holiday ... Sorta.

My lovely friend Sayaka saved me from the busy Japan train station on Saturday evening and returned me to her exceptionally lovely home where I was greeted by her courageous mother Naomi-chan and her somewhat shy-seeming father. Our friend Atsune arrived an hour later to visit with us before he left for his parents house, far away near Hokkaido, for O-bon (which is a yearly Japanese customary celebration to honor the departed).

Atsune was sweating buckets thanks to the ravenous heat. He once told me that he needed to drink a 2L bottle of water when he played badminton to replace the 2L of sweat he lost. After everyone cooled off and had adequately revelled in the awesomeness of Sayakas house, we played a few games of Senmusousomething ruther (Dynasty Warriors).

Atsune left. We ate dinner - delicious but epically proportioned as usual. Afterwards Sayaka, Miyuki and I relaxed while looking at pictures and discussing anime and animals. Sayaka knows about loads of old animations that I have never heard of. She showed me tons of wonderful books and her two favorite figuines below. Miyuki was the funny-looking hawk haired guy and I was the hostile dude with less impressive hair.

Next day Sayaka had school so I went to visit the grandmother with her family. We went to the graveyard to honor their grandfather, where everyone took turns lighting insence, washing the gravestone, and decorating it with flowers before giving a brief prayer. Afterwards, we returned by car and Miyuki was entirely enraptured by the handsome fellow driving the car (the dog, not the old man). The old man found our expressions of awe rather amusing so he rolled down the window and pursued our car until I captured an adequate picture on my camera.

We then ate lunch and parted ways at the station, with promises to meet again for Shabu-Shabu! Yum!


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