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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Hey everyone!

It's good to be back in Canada although I already miss the friends I left in Japan. Arriving in Seattle was an interesting e
xperience (as always) because Vincent's house burnt down and for once he wasn't joking. This led to Vincent forgetting about my arrival (thanks a lot!) and me having to find his mother's business number in the phone book. Luckily I only had to stay at Seattle's Youth Hostel for one night. It was nice there by the way ... and I found this wonderful icecream shop near Pike Place. (1lt = $3.88)

After Vince picked me up he bought Coldstone icecream,
hoping to appease my wrath, and it worked. Everything is big in Seattle: the people, the icecream, even the bathroom key! I took some pictures for Chinopan because three dollars in Japan buys you about a spoonful of icecream. It's ridiculous and one of the few things I don't miss. The second is being able to stretch my arms outward and not touch about ten different walls.

That's icecream Cathy (I love her) and the icecream key. Anyway good times, busy times. I'll start updating my Japan journal backlog A.S.AP!